Internasjonale rapporter om effektkontrakter

Internasjonale rapporter om effektkontrakter

by Ephori

Noen internasjonale rapporter om sosiale effektkontrakter (Social Impact Bonds):


1. The potential and limitations of impact bonds. (2015)

Lessons from the first five years of experience worldwide. Brookings institute. 2015. Emily Gustafsson-Wright, Sophie Gardiner, Vidya Putcha.


2. Social Impact Bonds, the early years (2016).

Social Finance.


3. Social Impact Bond, technical guide for service providers (2013)

Mars Centre for Impact Investment, Canada.


4. Social Impact Bonds, a guide for state and local governments (2013)

Harvard, Social Impact Bond technical assistance Lab.


5. Social Impact Bonds, State of Play and Lessons Learnt (2016)

OECD Working paper.